Well, my ear still hurts but that’s all right – I just got an e-mail from the nice agent I submitted Jack to, and she loves it, and wants to sign me up!!!
(add more ‘!!!’s)
And I’m sitting here with the puppy asleep on my lap (and he smells funny – time for a puppy bath) trying to type and not wake him up, and I’m thrilled, just thrilled that Jack will be in such good hands.
Puppy is now snoring, I don’t think I have to worry about waking him up. And Rusty has somehow squeezed herself in the puppy bed on the floor. She looks uncomfortable, but she was determined to sleep in the puppy bed.
Today’s schedule:
1:Blog a bit about my good news!
2:Take daughter to pony club
3:Watch Olympics
4:Call friends and family & chat about good news!(it’s Sunday and rates are lower so I usually call everyone on Sundays)
5:Pick up daughter from pony club
6:Watch more Olympics, day-dream some more about good news
Busy day in perspective.
Now if only puppy will wake up!