The cold snap is easing a bit, but the weather is still gray and overcast. Today the sky was like lead, and the damp made everything shiny. But the house is cozy, and the table is set for dinner. I’m waiting for my husband to come home so he can make crepes.
Today we’re having crepes for dinner. I’m not a good crepe maker. (My little brother used to called them creeps, and for some reason the name stuck.)
I can make the batter just fine – as a matter of fact, it’s really easy. But I can’t cook them!! I get everything ready – the half a potato in a cup of oil, fork stuck in it, to grease the pan. The bowl of batter. The ladle. Two crepe pans. A pan of steaming water with a plate on it to keep the cooked crepe warm and to keep them from getting dried out…Everything ready…and then I start to make the crepes.
The batter sticks, the crepe tears, it’s cooked on one half and not cooked on the other. ARGH!
My daughter and son look on pityingly.
“Wait for dad to come home,” says my daughter, after the third crepe is scraped off the pan looking like scrambled eggs.
“Argh!” I say again, determined to do it right, just one time.
“You’re going to waste the batter.” My son speaks in the voice of reason.
I sigh, and leave the crepe-making to my husband, who cannot cook – not one little bit – but who, for some reason, makes Excellent crepes.
So I get the table ready:
Nutella chocolate, strawberry jam, lemons, sugar, cinnamon, butter, and honey.
You have the choice – usually I put butter and honey. My hsuband likes jam, my son loves leamon and sugar, and my daughter eats them with Nutella.
The door just opened, and my husband is home –
Bon Appetite!