Today I went into Paris with my husband. It was for the funeral of a lady I really liked. Her family is best friends with my husband’s family, and we’ve known them forever, so we were sitting in the family section right behind the main family. It was my mother in law, me, and my husband all lined up on the pew. Well, I hate funerals and I was pretty upset, but I didn’t want to cry (I hate crying in public) So I started to stare at the painting in the church on the wall. It portrayed Jesus dressed in a white pleated long dress with a swooping hem-line – very 1930’s flapper style – and he looked like he was disco dancing in the air while Moses and St. Peter looked on with horrified expressions painted on their faces. Beneath Moses (whose stone tablet had two bumps in the top that made him look like he had on a wonder bra) were two other saints cowering beneath the floating Jesus (in his pleated white flapper dress, with his arms held out in a cha-cha-cha…) Well, the more I looked at that painting, the funnier it got, until I was trying not to giggle instead of trying not to cry. Of course, when you bury your face in your kleenex everyone thinks you’re sobbing…Then my mother in law who has eyesight problems (she can drive legally, but she likes to pretend she’s going blind) was clutching my arm through the whole thing.
Afterwards we went outside to say hello – there was quite a crowd – and everyone would come up and say to her “Hello Jackie” and she would lean forward (with her huge dark glasses on) and say, “I’m afraid I’m losing my sight, who is it?” And I’d have to introduce her. And another friend came over and she said it again…and again, “I’m afraid I’m losing my sight,” until I finally said, “Yes, we were praying she’d lose her
voice, but unfortunately it’s her sight that’s going.” Luckily my mother in law has a good sense of humor, lol.
Well, that was the funeral. It was nice to see old friends, but in a bad situation. I’ll miss my friend, but she was very ill for a long time, and at least she’s no longer suffering. Then we had to go back home because the dogs were inside, and the puppy had made a big mess in the kitchen. Oh well. The sun was shining, so despite the bitter cold we went for a long walk. So much for writing anything today, but maybe tomorrow I’ll get some work done on my projects.