Breakfast is coffee and oranges for me this morning. I bought a bag of the little clementines with the shiny orange skins and tart, sweet taste. The skins are full of oil, and this is what we do with them: We peel off a section and then bend it, releasing the scent. If we peel off a big piece, we put it on top of the radiator nearest us so that the room smells like orange. All winter long I have dried orange peels on the radiators, lol.

Last night I tried to make pizza from scratch but my yeast was too old and the dough never rose. I tried to bake it anyway, and it turned out sort of like a pizza cracker. Not very tasty. I decided to quick re-heat some pasta, and I burned it- thank goodness for the oranges that are scenting the room! Well, luckily I had some soup left in the pantry. So dinner was a bit of a disaster last night. I told my daughter that we couldn’t be gourmet cooks every single day. Some days are cooking disasters. That’s what soup is for.

My daughter and I put some music on this morning and the puppy starting to howl. He doesn’t like rock music – only classical music. I can play my Portugese fados, or some country music, or folk songs. But as soon as the rock music comes on he howls and runs into his little bed to hide, lol. I’m sure he’ll get used to it soon. (I hope so – I love to listen to my music while I clean house!)

Today I go back to the hospital for my last check-up for my arm. I got some x-rays taken yesterday. So far I’ve had almost twelve x-rays taken of my arm and I keep expecting it to start glowing in the dark. Hopefully the doctor will tell me I can go back to the gym. I’m getting desperate. Four weeks with no exercise except walking…And I’m tiring the dogs out with my walks, lol. They are fast asleep in the kitchen after our morning walk.