I got my new cover yesterday, and thought it was very nice. I love the colors, and since it’s about an Aquarius, the water bearer was very effective. But this is the thing: they (“they” being the powers that be in the art department) asked me to tell them hair, skin, and eye color to personalize the hero. I sent in this: short, light brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin. This is what I got: a swarthy Rasta. I got a case of the giggles when I saw the cover. I also did not recieve a note telling me I could ask for a change (which I’ve gotten every single time up till this one) and I think it’s because last time (for the first time ever) I asked for a teeny change. I found the poser-figure’s arm looked like it had been badly broken (sometimes poser figures get joints where they should not have joints, you know what I mean?) and I wrote back saying I LOVED the cover, could they please fix the elbow (and me here with a broken elbow, lol) Anyhow, I didn’t get an answer, and this cover came with no note letting me know I would be able to make suggestions and change it.
SO…..Without further ado –
Here is my cover for Renegade Aquarius – please ignore the swarthy Rasta on the cover, lol.