I just spent half an hour typing a report about Christmas – unfortunately, the computer glitched and ate it. So I will recapitulate:

We had a lovely time with my inlaws. The new baby (my neice’s son) is one month old and just beautiful. We had a great dinner, and the next morning we opened presents in front of our tree with a lot of help from a certain little puppy. We went to see Narnia, which we all hated except for my daughter, who loved it. Last news was my cousin Sara was giving birth last night to a Christmas baby – a wonderful gift to the family! And my cast is off, although I have to wear the sling and be careful – I don’t have my huge, clunky cast! Yay! I go back next Monday for more x-rays, today’s x-ray showed the crack was still there but healing, so I go back once more to check that everything is going all right. My husband threw his back out somehow (he has no idea how) and he’s at the doctors now trying to get it fixed. He can walk around and drive, but it hurts him when he lies down to sleep, so he’s tired and crabby. (I can relate, lol – no sleep and I’m an ogre)

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!

Peace and Joy!