i fell down on the sidewalk yesterday and broke my arm! it’s a very small, insignificant fracture, but very painful because i also twisted my arm when i fell, so i have a cast from shoulder to elbow! i only have to keep the cast for 8 days ( i told you it was a tiny fracture) and i can’t wait to get it off. i never had a cast on, and when the doctor finished i told him my arm was claustraphobic and to please take it off.
i think the painkillers had kicked in then. but the cast took the pain away, so today i feel rather silly with it on. Not to mention clumsy. (my son pointed that out.)

the puppy is being a perfect angel. he looks so mischievous, but he doesn’t do any of the silly puppy things most puppies do – he only chews his toys and bed, and he’s nearly completely housetrained. he and rusty are almost best of friends – and i’m watching the complete series of LOST – which is keeping me glued to the TV and away from the computer!!
here is the new cover –