Aplocalypse is due out in January, so I just got the cover – it’s so cool, totally “kitch” and goes perfectly with the series (homoerotic science fiction)
Here is the banner.
I’ll post the cover up tomorrow when I get the OK from the artist (I only have the draft for it)
Here are the titles for the Paradise Earth series:
Adam and Evan
The story is set in the far future, after earth has been destroyed first by war and then by a massive meteorite. Forced to accept the help of the Federation, proud, insular earth seethes as aliens arrive with their technology and specially adapted creatures to re-seed the planet.
The story is between Adam, a pure-blood earthling, and Evan – the man from Mars – a shapeshifter with an agenda of his own. Thrown together in the lab, and afterwards on a small island called Paradise, they fall in love. But another meteorite comes and life on earth hangs from a thread – a thread only Adam and Evan can save with their supply of Yrg eggs and Quick-Gro. Fashioning creatures from Evan’s shapeshifting DNA, they break all the Federation rules.
But on another island, Cabel and Abe, two scientists who want to take over the earth, have begun develping creatures of their own–sea creatures who kill for sheer pleasure, and angels who will fly to the mainland and colonize it before Adam and Evan’s children.
It’s a pretty cool story and I can’t wait to see the whole series together!

The series is available from Changeling Press at this URL:http://www.changelingpress.com/author.php?uid=18

“…unusual and original… A scary vision of the future in wonderful detail…”
— Jaynie, Fallen Angel Reviews