I was working on my website today – I’m creating a whole new look for Samantha, and I plan to launch my new website soon. (uh huh) anyhow – I’m fiddling with links when mly daughter comes up behind me, stares at the screen, and says, “What is that person doing with your picture?”
Not paying attention, I said, “What person?”
“Samantha Winston. Who is she? Why does she have your picture on her site?”
I come back to earth and blink. My daughter is eleven. She is remarkably bright, but at the same time, she has the power to ignore everything that goes on around her for example, this summer we spent ten days with my brother and his pregnant wife. My sister-in-law was six months pregnant and it showed. Plus she went swimming, had a bathing-suit that showed her lovely big tummy – and we talked about the coming baby for nine days. On the tenth day, we were in the car, and my sister-in-law said, “The baby is kicking really hard.”
My daughter, who was sitting right next to her, looked mildly interested and said, “What baby?”
“The one in my tummy,” said my sister-in-law.
My daughter was thunderstruck. “What?? You’re having a baby? You’re pregnant?”
Silence as we all digested this. Then I said, “Haven’t you been paying attention? What did you think we were talking about, and didn’t you notice your aunt’s fat tummy?” (Here I get a not so gentle punch on the shoulder from my SIL.) “I mean, lovely big tummy,” I amend.
Anyway, it turns out my daughter has this amazing ability to not pay attention. It’s not like I don’t mention my alter ego at home, or talk about the publishing business or my books. At any rate, I told my daughter that I was, in fact, Samantha Winston.
“But why would you want to do that?” she exclaimed, indignant.
“Because I write books for adults and I write books for children, and I don’t want them to get mixed up. I use one name for my children’s books, and the other name for books that only adults can read. Is that clear?”
She nodded, her mind already elsewhere. You see, we put the tree up, the lights are blinking, and her next question was…”If Santa Clause doesn’t exist, can I open just one of my presents now?”
So she was paying attention to me when I was talking to her aunt on the phone the other day and we were trading santa stories abotu our kids.
My daughter has selective hearing.