I got a lot of work done yesterday on my WIP – a LOT of work. Was amazed at the end of the day when I hit statistics and checked my word count. Somedays just flow like that – and the story is coming along really well.
The only problem is…It’s going to be hard to work in a HEA in this story!!!! I had the ending all planned out, but it looks trite, suddenly, and a new ending came to me as I was writing, so now I’m stuck at a fork in the road. Do I make a HEA, or do I make it a Sad but Hopeful ending?
My publishing house has a Happy Ending policy, so I imagine I’ll be heading that way, lol. But maybe I’ll write both endings and put them both in so that readers can choose. What do you think?

I was cruising the blogs and over on Smart Bitches they had a contest – “Guess Which Title is a FAKE” (all the other ones are real) Yes folks, Harlequin Presents have paid people to think of titles like these, so I copied some down and made up one and here is the contest – guess which title I made up:

Possessed by the Sheikh
The Italian’s Stolen Bride
The Ramirez Bride
The Sheikh’s Virgin
Innocent as the Night
The Italian Boss’s Secret Child
The Greek’s Innocent Virgin
Bought: One Bride
The Future King’s Bride
The Sheikh’s Captive Bride
The Purchased Wife
Expecting The Playboy’s Heir

Can you guess which one I made up?

It’s Innocent as the Night. There is no Harlequin Presents named that, as far as I could tell with Google. All the rest exist. Honest. If you don’t believe me, go to Smart Bitches and see!

And on a lighter note, I was over on Karen’s blog and I remembered a story about my son Sebi (there are Lots of stories about him, lol).
He stuck his little arm out one day and said, “Mom, am I always going to be this color?”
I wasn’t sure what he meant, so I said, “Well, yes, give or take a bit of tan. Why?”
He looked at me and said, “I was hoping for something a bit brighter.”

This is the same Sebi who one morning dressed in purple pants, purple shirt, and purple sweater, and then was looking frantically for his purple socks. I kept trying to give him blue or white ones, and finally he looked at me and yelled, “Those are no good! Today I’m a Grape!”