I have a novel to turn in for December so I have to get cracking.
I have the beginning. I know the end. But what the Heck is going to happen in the middle??
It’s a mystery I can’t wait to solve. For those who wonder how to write a book, I say, ‘There are no rules – Just write.’ (Well, rules of grammar, rules about syntax, & rules about spelling that I usually ignore. ) There are ‘outliners’ who write copious notes and outlines before they start, which I do sometimes, and there are ‘seat of the pantsers’ who write from a nebulous idea. There are scenists, who write scenes and stitch them together, and there are characterisers (notice all these words I just made up) who take a character and run with him/her and make up a story based on that character.
Well, I’ve done all of the above. I’ve started stories from scenes, from characters, from outlines, and from nebulous ideas that struck my fancy.
But I’ve never had to hand in a whole completed novel in one month.
I might not be as prolific a poster for a while but I will keep you informed of progress!
Today Nov. 1st
Goal: 3,000 words