I’m a pro at procrastination. I have no idea how I get so much done. Maybe it’s an art – ‘How to do the most with the least effort’. I know I got that comment in school a lot – – and the word ‘effort’ seemed to crop up a lot. Today I decided I would work hard and finish at least three pages in my zombie book. I got up and turned on the computer. Then I took my daughter to the bus stop and went to the golf course to check on my results for the tournament I played yesterday. Posted on the wall of the clubhouse were the results: seems I won the men’s group four in net and brut scores. Well…Fine. But I’m a woman. Even though Sam is a man’s name. My husband was with me, and he cracked up. He’d won the men’s group one (first series – he plays off a 7 handicap and went down to 5 because he played so well yesterday.) I dropped four points off my handicap (hubby says it’s a scandal because my handicap is still so high – but I never play tournaments so that’s normal. He turned around and signed me up for the tournament next Thursday) So I have another golf tournament coming up. And the pressure is on…I won my league yesterday. (insert huge grin)
So – back to procrastinating. I leave the golf club and decide to go shopping. Then my daughter calls and I have to pick her up from school. Then I procrastinate some more – – watch the clouds drift by — and then take my daughter to theater class. On the way I get pulled over by the police, who are doing a routine alcohol test on everyone. I have to chat, of course, and ask if there are lots of alcoholics on the road at 4:30 in the afternoon. After that I don’t even get to blow in the little balloon. He waves me on. (My friend Andrea who was stopped right behind me got to blow into the balloon. I told her she looked more like a drinker than I do. I also told her that when I saw her getting pulled over, I told the cop that I knew her, that she had been depressed, and had just seen her coming out of the bar in town. She has promised to get even with me somehow.) Anyhow – we get our kicks where we can in these small towns. It is fun, however, to know everyone.
I have been procrastinating all day. But I have to get my three pages done. So while my chicken is cooking and the virus scanner is running, and the washing machine is going, and my daughter is taking her shower…I will get back to work.