I need a new computer. Both mine are bugging out on me; my desktop is five years old and keeps crashing, and my laptop has had its keyboard changed once already and it’s acting up again – refusing to let me type the letter ‘i’.
I thought maybe I could write a new, avant-guarde book without the letter ‘i’, but that has been done before with the letter ‘e’, and I can’t imagine a more dreadful way to spend my time. Maybe that’s what the devil has in mind for me once I get to hell – “You will write a 100,000 word book without the letter ‘i’, now get to work!”
I suppose if I had eternity and was warm enough, I wouldn’t mind so much. That’s another problem – it’s getting cold and our stone house does not keep warm very well. I go through winter wrapped in big sweaters and usually wear a scarf inside, lol. Well, what do you expect? I grew up in the Caribbean!
Anyhow, if anyone can tell me about Mac computers I’d like some info – is it compatible with my word docs, can I do my website, what software do I need to work?
Any help would be appreciated!!