I played Lady Macbeth in our school play, and I loved it. But whenever I think of that line I think of that cartoon with the dog named Spot…anyone see that?
Anyhow, I finally caved in and set my comments section to word verification. My humble apologies to the hurried and dyslexic out there. I know I have to type the damn thing at least twice to get it right – and it keeps changing every time, but sometimes it goes from Lots of letters to very few…
So there I was as Lady Macbeth, coming down the stairs in the darkened theater, rubbing my hands together and bewailing the blood – when the window that had been hung on the wall (to make the stage look like a big castle) comes crashing down at my feet. I didn’t miss a line. I stepped over the window, ignored the titters from the audience, and said, ‘They just don’t make these Scottish castles like they used to,” before continuing my speech.