I have no idea how it happened, but I started writing two books at once.
The first one is outlined down to the chapter titles and has the characters and story all plooted out, although that means nothing in the long-run – outlines tend to die writhing in agony in my books.
The other book just sort of happened as I sat down and opened a blank word Doc. It’s coming along quite nicely, thank you, although I have No idea where it’s headed. So far the heroine is lying face down on a gravestone after imploring the aid of a certain Capt. Black Jack, pirate extraordinaire – hung until dead aged 31.
Now the strange thing about these tow books is that both have heroes named Jack. So obviously I will have to change one of them. (Capt. Red Roger?) Oh dear. The possibilites with this name are endless.
In the outlined book, I planned lots of fun, inventive love scenes. So far the hero and heroine are not showing the slightest interest in each other. I have tried, through dialogue, to get a spark lit, but to no avail. I may have to resort to councelling, or have the heroine look elsewhere.
In the book with the pirate, he’s dead, and yet his interest in the maiden sprawled across his gravestone is almost palpable. I hadn’t planned on his avid interest. I should have known better – in book one the hero has only been dead for a year (oh, didn’t I mention he was a zombie?) and in book two the hero has been out of commission for over a hundred years…men being real prats about waiting, I really should have seen it coming.
Anyhow, the book I was going to send to EC will certainly end up a YA book at the rate things are going, and the pirate book that I thought would entertain kids will certainly end up at EC where there are big red warnings about not letting kids near the books.
My brain is definitely two-sided. I just hadn’t realized how different the two sides were until now!