I’m not sure what my workspace says about me. That I’m disorganized, that I can function in a real mess, and that I love clocks and calendars, I suppose.
My favorite clock is the digital one my dad gave me this summer. I’m dyslexic, so I can’t read regular clocks (I can, but I can’t just glance at it – I have to take my time and figure out what side of the twelve the big hand is…) So this digital clock is great. There’s one at the corner of my computer too, and I’m constantly checking them.
I also love calendars. They help keep my schedule somewhat organized. I have three calendars within view – a huge desktop one that I can scribble on, one from Rome that my friend Juliet gave me, and one from Ellora’s Cave, with the ‘guys’ on it, and what makes it fun is that I’ve Met these guys, so I just love it. I also have a rugby man calander hanging in the kitchen, but that it just for looks. Also in the kitchen is a 6 mos. wall calendar that I use for the school holidays and such.
On the desk are my computer, my printer, a polo trophy full of pens, a wicker basket full of ‘stuff’ and my three address books. On one side is a magnetic bulletin board with photos stuck to it, an the other are three shelves; one with papers and files, one with books, and one with my floppy disks, my bookmarks, and my stuffed unicorn.
Also on the desk and in no particular order are: a CD rom about dinosaurs and some fossils, a small box of paperclips, my digital camera, a roll of masking tape, my sunglasses, and a pack of tarot cards.