Someone described the ‘perfect’ heroine as a 25 yr old veggie-virgin-rights’ activist who’d never been kissed. I was drinking my coffee when I read that, and managed not to choke. Because, after all, everyone is entitled to their opinions. I suppose that the story of a 25 yr old virgin with tendancies towards empassioned preachy prissiness would really entertain some people. Especially if she discovered a passionate liking for bondange and ended up as Masterful Mistress M. at the end of the book. (dressed in black vinyl because she is still a veggie and won’t wear leather.) (She doesn’t realise her whips are made of leather, but we won’t tell her that.)
But I digress.
I like books where I can identify and sympathize with the heroine. In the vamp post below I explained this. But the post about the virgin also got me thinking. I have a couple virgins in my books. (The Argentine Lover, Princess Lily, Diamina…) and Diamina waits until she’s married to her beloved Lyo before giving in and giving away her virginity. So, maybe I am overreacting. Maybe more people than I imagined would think a 25 yr old virgin veggie with activist tendancies would be the perfect heroine. Would you?