What is the link between breastfeeding and homosexual couples holding hands in public? Both make people ‘uncomfortable’ and both are expressions of love. In our society, it causes less of a stir to be seen carrying a gun than nursing your infant.
Movies show murders all the time, and the RWA (romance writer’s of America) says nothing about romance books with murder in them (romantic suspence) while books with sex in them are causing a storm in a teacup.
What is it about our society? We can’t show expressions of love, but we are invited to show expressions of violence!
Why is violence accepted and tolerated, while sex, love, and breastfeeding one’s child are not? Isn’t sex more productive (pardon the pun) than murder? Isn’t a baby at one’s breast more inspiring than a gun strapped to one’s shoulder? Why can’t gay couples hold hands? Why should any expression of love be frowned upon? You can’t tell me that ‘Jesus said gays and sex are sinful.’ He never said that. God never wrote any of that on the ten commandments – (the only thing that came straight from God, not invented by man i.e. – the bible, koran, etc.)
God said (and he was very clear) “Thou shalt not kill.” What part of that does mankind have a problem understanding? Why do so many people get so upset with love and kindness, sex, breasts, and babies, and yet they make sure gun lobbies keep their power and will watch films with their kids in which several people are killed and maimed. (The same people wince when two women kiss.)
I think that we have to re-educate ourselves. Common sense has deserted us. Perhaps it’s overcrowding – nature’s way of keeping the population levels down: war, violence, intolerance. It is certainly easier to shoot a stranger than to kiss one. Personally I prefer the saying ‘Make Love, not War.’ It’s way out of date, conjures images of hippies and psychadelic flowers. But at least it’s an expression of love, not violence. And I’d rather live in a world where expressions of violence are frowned upon, while love rules.