I have been so lazy lately. The weather has a lot to do with it – who wants to sit inside when the sun is shining and the breeze is stirring the lace curtains, making shadows dance across the tiled floor? The shadows whisper ‘Come play outside! Come for a walk!’ So I have to get up and go into the garden. And then, I have to check the flower beds. Are the nettles coming back? Should I get my gloves on and pull them out? Are the nastertiums growing yet? When will the climbing rose start to bloom? So I walk through the garden, down the path, into the orchard, and then back to the steps, all warm from the sun. How can you walk by stone steps and not sit on them for a while? Little lizards dart up and down, bees drone by, and then I feel like having a cup of coffee outside. One of life’s pleasures is sitting on sunny steps sipping coffee. So, being a hedonist, I go make some coffee. My dog, who follows me everywhere, plops down at my feet and leans against my shins. I scratch her ears, her tail thumps. The sun shines. It’s a perfect day for doing nothing, except maybe pulling a few nettles from the ground!