I just posted at a blog and re-read what I wrote, and decided I sounded horribly pedantic.
Does that happen to you? You want to respond to a question, and you come off sounding like Miss Manners zeroing in on a person who reads someone else’s mail.
Is it because I’m a Leo? Leo’s are supposed to be egotistical, so that means we think we know better than anyone else (just ask my kids – this is so true) but I don’t necessarily want everyone to think I’m egotistical. Even though, according to my horoscope, I can’t help myself.
It’s not that I think I know better than everyone else, it’s just that, well, faced with a question I feel obliged to come up with an answer.
Instead of an egotist, I prefer to think of myself as an epicurian. I’d like everyone to relax and have a good time – and not bother about what other people think or tell you to do.
(This excludes my kids, who still have to listen to me.)
Leos are also supposed to be good dancers, which is Not true, and they are supposed to be party people – and a party has always been my idea of one of Dante’s innermost circles of Hell. I think (reading horoscopes here) I’m a lot closer to my Chinese horoscope which happens to be a Rat.
(How can I be egotistical and admit to being a Rat?)