As Jessica in ‘My Fair Pixie’ so succinctly points out – “What’s so romantic about a centuries old stiff?” Of course, Sebastian has his good points. He looks good in black, he can’t hog the mirror, and he’s not underfoot all day long. He’s easy to feed, and if Jessica ever gets to the point where she wants to murder him…he turns to dust and she can just vaccume him up.
But vampires are on the top of the list when it comes to romance novels. They are strong, the ultimate debonair, and being so old, tend to be incredibly cultured and witty. (So why they go after bimbos is beyond me…)
Werewolves are next on the list of incredible heroes. The call of the wild. The man/beast, or the beast within the man just barely controlled by the heroine. Werewolves have their bad points too – they shed, for one thing, and that doggy smell when they get wet can be a real turn off. But who can resist a man with such a wild streak in him?
Which is your choice? Vampire….or Werewolf?