Sometimes I like to read shorter fiction. Time is a deciding factor. Novellas tend to be tightly written and its sometimes easier to get caught up in a good story when it’s shorter. I like to finish a book in one or two sittings, and it’s easier to do with a novella. They are also easier on my budget, and lots can fit in my bookcase.

Of course, a huge tome is wonderful too, it’s like setting out on a long journey though, and one has to get prepared. (hot tea, biscuits, an orange, good light…) A novella can be picked up one afternoon and devoured. A long novel is savored.

Right now I’m reading a Russian novel. (The Devil and Margharita) The writing is amazing, and the characters fascinating. But the theme is complex and the writing is so rich I have to read it a nibble at a time. I’m more than halfway through, and I’m dying to find out what happens to Ivan, the poet, and I want to read more about Ponce Pilate, and see if his headache has gone away yet…

But I have to meet my self-imposed quota of three chapters today on my WIP – a novella- and the writing has to be tight and crisp.

I think I’ll go make myself some tea.